Sunday, April 15, 2012

Adrienne's Second Letter

For those of you who want to write Adrienne, she appreciates letters from She gets them the same day that you write them! Her MTC box number is 251, and her departure date is 05 13. She sends her love to all of you. Sister Osorio, there's a special note for you at the bottom of the letter!

Hey family!

WOW $3000?!!! I can't believe the garage sale was so successful! That is astig! awesome! Yes, my testimony that young men need missions has definitely been strengthened this past week. My coworker Brittney from the Provo bakery sent me the package and sister gallup gave me some delicious candy and an inspiring letter with quotes and scriptures. i got the most letters and dearelders than anyone else in my district this past week-it made me feel very loved! they always joke when it's mail time," oh let's see and 500 letters for sister garcia!" hahaha.

Boyd K. Packer CAME! and his son! President Packer talked about faith verses fear, we had a fast and testimony meeting and an ice cream sundae bar-that was awesome. I AM tired of being "on" all the time, but i've gotten more relaxed now that I'm more used to everything here. I know, I miss my cooking too haha. I just miss homemade stuff really. Pday is on fridays and that’s the only time i get 30 mins for mail-the whole week! So we found out yesterday that our investigator "julito" is actually our TEACHER! we were so shocked. We had taught him about 4 times and were working on preparing a lesson for him on repentance when he walked into the room dressed in a suit and with a teacher badge on. I

was like "Julito?! you're a teacher!?" and then i saw his wedding ring and i was like "and you're married?!?" he laughed and was like "yes, yes, yes." and I said, " you lied to us?!" and he was like, "i'm so sorry! pasensya! the prophet made me do it!" so turns out he is only half filipino, he was born and raised in utah, he has been married for 9 months, and he is going to byu and working at the MTC! But then he was like, "ya i didn't know any tagalog until my mission to manila." we were all shocked. i mostly felt really dumb for all the effort we put into our lessons and our tagalog probably sounded so bad, and all the times we spoke english thinking he couldn't understand haha. AND we bought him a book of mormon and challenged him to read it. He gave it back to us and said, "i really appreciate this, but please give it to someone on your flight to the philippines." haha my comp and I were talking though and it really is good how the program makes you think he's real, because it really does make you put your whole heart into this

guy and his situation and it makes you want to be the best teacher you can be and try to hard to get all the words and phrases right in tagalog. And it's so rewarding when he says, "i prayed about the restoration and i believe in joseph smith" but it was also the best learning experience. if we had known he was our teacher we wouldn't have done the same amount of work.

So he taught us all in english last night and it was great, he said he loved us already because of being taught by us. So now Brother Lacanienta (that's julito) and sister winegar are going to be our new investigators and just act like they're real, which is cool. The more I learn about the language and the gospel and the Filipino people, the more and more excited i am about going out there are teaching.

I miss a lot of things about being home, but i'm getting more and more used to this place and making more friends. pretty soon i'm sure this place will be like home for me. Poor Ben having to study all the time! He's such a hard worker! and I’m glad he's still finding time to write me!

Sister Osorio, thank you so much for your dearelder! It's so great to hear from people I look forward to mail time everyday! I'm so super happy for Elise-she's so perfect for temple square because of her beautiful smile and personality. It is so comforting to hear that the Filipino people are so warm and loving. tagalog is actually a fun language to learn-i'm catching on pretty quick and the little i know of Spanish has helped a lot. Patience- i think that's the theme of the MTC. I'm working on it every day! thanks so much for your wonderful advice and update. Good luck with your upcoming wedding!

Well keep the dearelders coming, i love hearing from ya'll! Everyone thank you so much for your letters! They are always the highlight of my day! I miss all of you and love you so much! I pray that you'll be kept safe and happy every day! I love you! Till next week!


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