Tuesday, September 11, 2012


This week has gone by super fast for me! Sundays are not a rest day haha. they are the busiest day for us! good thing pday is the next day. 
I am doing good, still healthy and happy and the work is going good! We had a temple tour last Saturday and I had to introduce the restoration movie and then share my testimony to all the visitors and investigators. I was nervous but a lot of missionaries came up to me afterwards and were like, wow! your tagalog was perfect! You are doing so good! That made me feel really good. i wish i wasn't such a perfectionist. i think that learning a language teaches you a lot of patience and the ability to just accept your best, because as soon as i get discouraged, everything else is affected, including my language. It's hard to be corrected constantly and this guy the other day interrupted me in the middle of my testimony and told sister nobleza to speak because i was obviously having a hard time. i almost cried because i knew everything i said was right but it was the way i was speaking that he didn't want to listen. Sometimes it feels hopeless like i'll never learn this language or people will never focus on the message because they're so busy listening to how i speak. but i know i can't think like that. i need to just be patient and keep doing my best.

Well this week was pretty much same ol same ol. we taught jerrill with her husband ponce for the first time both of them together. we showed them the together forever movie and they loved it. they are an awesome couple with two little girls. the dad is 62 and the mom is 28 so there is a huge age gap but he's super sweet to her. he's always doing the laundry, cooking, and taking care of the kids. he told us that he loves his wife so much and whatever she believes, he will believe also. she is super receptive and i love teaching them. we also taught christian again about getting answer to prayer and he totally understood. he is super talented in drawing but he doesn't have money for supplies so he just uses pen and he doesn't have money for school so he just looks up different techniques on a computer in a computer shop and tries to learn that. he really wants to work for dc comics or something or any comic place really but he has no money for school and he's having to look for a job to help support his mom and dad. he has a lot of faith though and you can tell he is really digesting everything we tell him. we also taught tatay billy and found out that his wife left him when he got a stroke and he never sees his kids. he lives alone in a tiny shack so that he can rent out his home and that's how he gets money. He is SUCH a sweet guy, and always so nice to us. i can't believe some people's situations here! It makes me wonder why i ever felt sorry for myself or like I NEEDED an Ipod or whatever else, while these people are just trying to survive day by day and are still so happy and offering us time to teach them. 
Anyway, I love it here and it's starting to feel more and more like home. The happier I get and the harder i work, the more I feel like satan is working on me and trying me and discouraging me. It is a constant battle! But I am learning so much and getting spiritually stronger. Well, I love you and miss you tons! 

Love, Age

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