Sunday, February 24, 2013

Learning to OYM

 February 20, 2013

Hey Mom, 

Thanks for the emails! What did you and dad do for valentines? Did you even have time to do anything? My valentines was pretty sweet and the oreo balls turned out AMAZING! Me and sister jones both stuffed ourselves and Sister Villareal asked for the recipe so after her mission she can start an oreo ball business in the philippines and I told her she should and she will definitely get rich. They have oreos and cream cheese here, it's just way expensive. And I still haven't used all the chocolate chips you sent me! Anyway, valentines day is not a big deal here and like no one actually gets anyone anything, but they all wanted to know if me and sister jones had dates. They're still asking us and that was like a week ago! ay yi yi. we're SINGLE people! We're missionaries! We always have a good laugh about it though.
I just wear whatever is clean and that i don't have to iron these days and i'm a lil worried that my sense of style is gone. ahhh i'm turning into a frump! but don't worry that will all change when i get home and i actually have people to impress. i promise. and actually me and sister jones get cat called at least 10 times a day if not more so that always makes me feel better when i'm drenched in sweat, not wearing makeup, and smell like bugspray.
So the work is still going strong!! We are doing so well with teaching BUT our finding stinks. We are just both not super outgoing people and have a tendency to avoid going up to random people that we don't know. Don't get me wrong, I've done it a million times on my mission but it still really scares me! i don't know why cause once i start talking to them it's fine. i just feel a lot of pressure like I have to bring up the gospel right away and be like, Hey did you know you can be with your family forever? and then they're always a little stand offish.
So our district leader gave a workshop on OYM's (open your mouth) just for me cause i requested it. and we practiced and then me and sister jones made a goal to oym more. but just to prove how awesome she is she had this great idea that we would choose a certain group of people to oym to every day. so the first day it was all the single ladies. and of course they're not the only ones we can oym-but we would be on the lookout for them. and we were going to ask all of them how their v-day was to start the convo. then the second day was all the single guys-which should be easy but i always worry that they'll think we're like hitting on them or something! but sis. jones is so brave and went up to three single guys and oym'd all of them! and then we taught one of them the other day and he was totally sincere and interested. our bet was that we were going to buy mac n' cheese (cause we were both craving it) and whoever oymed more didn't have to cook it or wash the dishes! so sis. jones totally won by two but we got a lot of practice in and we are getting better. 

So how is everything else going with ya'll? I miss you guys so much and wish I was there but I'm loving my mission right now and still loving sis. jones! i'm going to be so sad when we part :(. the AP's asked us to look for a new apartment cause the one we're in right now is really old and breaking apart. me and sis. jones looked everywhere (apt. hunting in the philippines is really interesting and fun actually) but we finally found the perfect one! it's brand new and beautiful! it just stinks that i won't get to enjoy it because i'm 99% sure that i'm transferring this next transfer. and since there are 8 sisters coming in, there is a good chance that I will be training again. oh boy. But anyway, I'm doing great and I hope ya'll are too! 
Keep me updated! I love you!
            Love, Age

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