Monday, July 29, 2013

Attack of the Monkey!

Thanks for the email, I loved it! It sounds like so much is going on with you and its all so exciting!  I mostly cook filipina food. but sister nunez likes everything i make! She's not really a cooker so whatever I make she eats and always says its delicious. Makes me feel good. Last night one of the members invited us over for cake and it had blueberries in the middle of it. It was SOOO good! It really made me miss your baking. I realized I haven't had homemade cake in a really long time.

I haven't heard anything about my coming home plans but I can't believe how close it feels. It's almost surreal! I keep thinking about BYU and how weird it will be going back. Where do you think i should live?

Things are going great here. We went on exchanges this week in Novaliches and I got to see Sister Jones! I was so excited and we had so much fun catching up and talking. She's so fun and has a great new companion. I worked with Sister Villareal who is about to go home and
learned that I need to be bold and just come right out and tell people that they need to repent, but in a loving way. I realized I've been pretty soft lately. But people need to know why we're here, and it's not just to have bible study. It's to call them to repentance. And
then I worked with Sister Loo who is still really new and we taught the whole lesson one in english to this really rich lady. We started teaching in tagalog and she was like, I prefer english. haha it was so hard at first because I'm so used to tagalog but then it got easier
and it was really fun to be able to explain everything in my own words and not be limited by my tagalog vocabulary.

Working with Sister Nunez has been awesome and we don't have any problems. she is so fun and we are always laughing. The other night we were walking down this dark road where a lot of dogs are tied up on the side of the street. Sister Nunez is really afraid of dogs so i was the one closest to the side and all of a sudden I feel this heavy thing jump on me which I thought it was a dog but it like gripped me with its hands and I screamed super loud. When it jumped off of me I looked down and it was a monkey!! hahaha it was this tied up monkey and it was so cute! I almost had a heart attack tho cause I couldn't see it and it came out of no where but we had a good laugh.

We started this new project that we made up called the "no house gets left behind" project. We are going to tract every single house in our area one by one. That's how small our area is, that that is actually possible. and that way, we can say after the end of the transfer that
we talked to absolutely everyone and if they didn't accept we can shake the dust off our feet. Right? It's the best idea ever! and we already found like 5 people that are interested and even though we've also been rejected a lot its like, so? next! at least we gave them the
chance to accept or reject it, right?  so that's been fun! I really hope I get another transfer with sister nunez! 

Anyway, I basically miss you guys and am so excited to see you! Just know that I'm working super hard and doing my best so that when I get home I can say I have no regrets! I love you!!!

Love, Age

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