Friday, July 20, 2012

Latest Letter from the Philippines

Hey Mom!

This kid the other day told me "pangit naman ang salita mo" which means, the way you talk is really ugly. haha that pretty much made me never want to speak tagalog again but i just laughed about it and now my comp reminds me about it every day. 

I can't believe Elena is going to have a baby! i think about it all the time. Yeah it rains every day here but no flooding yet. Last night there was the LOUDEST thunder storm! It seriously sounded like someone was blowing up our building and my bones were rattling. it was crazy and scary but also kinda fun! I love the rain cause it comes down super hard and cools everything off. It’s better than the blasting heat. Usually its hot all day and then rains sometime during the day super hard for like 2 or 3 hours. 

I totally know the scared to be successful feeling as you well know! it's scary to be doing so well cause you know that a trial is probably coming or something. but just enjoy it while it lasts! cause its true, a trial probably is coming haha and you're going to wish you were back to being successful again. is that pessimisstic or what? lol that's just how i look at missionary work cause its so up and down. its kinda scary when I’m super happy and feeling proud of myself cause i feel like any minute i'm going to mess up super bad in tagalog and be back to ground zero again.

Transfer day is in 2 and a half weeks-2nd week of august i think! I'm ready for a change but my comp requested to president sperry that we stay together one more transfer cause she’s loving it. I am fine with that but i think after one more transfer I really need an American companion haha! You can ask me more questions! Sometimes I'm not sure what to write, so much goes on in a week and i forget to tell you a lot of stuff.
anyway, love you so much! 

Love, Age

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