Sunday, April 21, 2013

Transfer Day is Coming Up!

Email is my favorite part of pday!! I read all the emails first, and then I try to reply to all of them. So Mother's Day I can call all of ya'll! yay! But I will call you and skype with you first and then Elena and Natalie. so yes, that will be your sunday and my monday i'm pretty sure. we'll figure it out as it gets closer. I can't wait to talk to you though!  This weekend was great cause it was conference! and Sister Baile's birthday! she's 26 now and we had so much fun celebrating. I made lunch-your polynesian chicken recipe- and the other sisters made a mango float-amazing! and then we sang to her and us and the elders all went around and said things we liked about her. She was so touched and cried. so cute.

Conference was awesome and I loved Elder Perry's talk the best. So bold! they all seemed to be about obedience and family huh? I am so proud of ya'll for doing family history work! that is so awesome! i really want to get more into that when I get home. 

I can't believe how fast this transfer has gone by, transfer day is next week! and sister nobleza is going home :( i'm going to miss her SOO much! She's so fun. But i'm excited for this next transfer. One of the AP's called me randomly last night and told me that President Sperry chose me to be one of the representatives of our whole mission at a council with the area presidency of the whole Philippines. And I have to be ready to talk about and answer their questions about Finding. i'm so nervous. And finding people is one of my weaknesses! AH! The Ap was like, " start studying." oh man. So that's may 17th and who knows what's going to happen, I'm still not really sure. But I'm thinking we're maybe having a mission tour or something.

So we have a baptism this saturday! Brother Alberto who has been investigating for almost 3 years now. He's the guy that sells Balut at night and has 9 kids. I'm really excited for him because he's wanted this for a long time. He's living the gospel and has changed so much because of it. I am just disappointed because our ward leaders are pretty judgemental and not excited about this baptism.  Ugh...this ward is tough! But I'm learning patience and compromise and a lot of trust in the Lord.  Anyway, I love you so much have a great week !!!
Love, Age

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