Sunday, May 5, 2013

Adrienne is an AP!

April 29, 2013
Hey Mom!
So here is the news!! I went to transfer meeting and the rumors were flying like crazy. Everyone was like, why are you here? your a trainer and trainers don't go to transfer meeting in the middle of their training. And then I saw sister walker with her trainee and we talked and we were both like, oh man, what's going to happen? I really didn't want to split up with sister Baile, but I had a feeling we would. So then transfers started and me and Sister Jones got to catch up before that which was SUPER fun! She's a trainer now for an american sister yay! so anyway they did the transfers and they call sister walker and then the ap goes, "and her new companion is sister Garcia." so i hugged sister baile and then I went over and hugged sister walker and we sat by each other and the ap continues, "so they are our new Sister Trainer Leaders which means they are AP/Zone leader/district leader for the sisters and will be going on 2 exchanges per week with each sister companionship". oh my.
So ya, me and sister walker are the new traveling sisters and the first at that because our mission is finally getting a lot of sisters. It is kinda overwhelming. and you should have seen the reaction of all the elders. we walk into the mail room and they're all like, " oh make way for the aps!" "look at the Sister AP's" and then later we asked the zone leaders if we could go to macdonald's  and he was like, "do what you want, you're an AP, i can't give you permission, i'm under you" haha we got such a hard time from them but I just laughed about it.
So I don't really feel qualified to go to every area and train sisters twice a week, but at the same time I'm really excited to get to know all of them better and just do what I can. I think it'll be an awesome experience and I feel grateful that President Sperry trusts us this much. We unfortunately don't have a car so we're going to have to commute to every area and be waking up super early in the morning and then spending the night in the other areas, cause they have to be 24 hours. we are just going to go on splits probs cause exchanges is too hard without a car. sister walker is super stressed and not sleeping at night, but i think it will be a fun experience! of course we're going to sister jones' area first! :)
Anyway, that's the big news. we still have our own area here in Montalban. The most gorgeous area in the entire mission. We're surrounded by mountains and it's cool! still hot, but much cooler than malolos. and it's started to rain almost every day which is so nice! it is definitely province and there are palm trees everywhere. so fun! the people and the branch is also SO nice! the branch president already met with us and he's 28. he's really supportive and excited about missionary work and he said the branch is close to becoming a ward. I introduced myself and bore my testimony and everyone was so sweet and coming up to me afterwards. I think I'm really going to love it here! we are a little short on investigators but i think it has a lot of potential.
Working with sister walker has been an adjustment for both of us because we are both used to being the trainer/senior and we are both far into the missions. it's nice because i don't have to explain every little thing to her, but its also weird because we teach differently and have different stlyes/ideas. but we are adjusting and helping each other out. sister walker's confidence is seriously lacking, even though she's good, so i just feel like i have to constantly encourage her and tell her she's doing good. 
But we really have to be unified and on the same page because otherwise the other sisters will notice it. and I want to be a really good example for them and really help them out. I'm not sure exactly what we're looking for when we go on exchanges with them, but I think we are just going to try to help them with whatever they need, aka DRAMA. but i told sis. walker we should do something fun/creative for them like buy them matching headbands or something cheesy just so they know we love them. Man, i sound like a RS president.
So sister baile is in novaliches and companions with the trainee of sister walker and another sister that's a lil older in the mission-so they are a trisome. i saw her at temple tour and she seemed really happy-i knew she would cause she's so positive, i miss her though. 
I've really learned out here to be more Christlike and it's the best feeling. I know that the Lord is in this work and helping me everyday. Sometimes we underestimate ourselves, but he's always there to remind us of our potential. I think we just need to rely on Him and give Him the credit when we improve. Even though I'm proud of how far I've come on my mission, I know that I couldn't have done anything without Him. my weaknesses have turned into strengths through the courage and love he's given me when I was feeling scared or apathetic. He loves us and hears our prayers. I love you!!! 
Love, Age

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  1. So you all are the sister whisperers...the ones who can calm the drama down. That is a tough job, but I have faith in you!