Friday, September 6, 2013

New Area, Last Companion!

September 4, 2013

Last Saturday we had temple tour and EVERYONE was like, "you're going home! how does it feel?!" hahaha I
feel like this is my life and it's not going to end. But at the same time I'm freaking out with excitement to be home again and see all of ya'll and everything. Thanks for continuing to write me! I'm sure we'll still have tons to talk about when I get home even if you keep writing me every week. You know what's cray cray? i only have 4 pday's left.

I've never had a better week on my mission than I did this last one with Sister Miner here in Pangarap. There's something about me about to go home and her being brand new that just makes us both want to work super hard and do our very best. We have had our schedules completely packed every single day full of lessons, and tracting, and oym'ing, and working with members. That's another thing, this branch is awesome. Last Sunday was my first Sunday and we got three referrals in 3 hours! I don't think I got 3 referrals in 3 months in Manggahan. It was such an answer to our fast for referrals and help from the members.

We are teaching 2 families and one single guy twice a week all together AT a member's home. I mean, how much better can that get? It's cool cause they work for the member so he can adjust their work schedules to our schedule so they are free anytime. We were like when can we come back? and the member was like, "Every day if you want!" hahaha. I can't tell if the investigators are there just to make their boss happy or if they are really interested but they are keeping their
commitments and said they believed Joseph Smith was a true prophet and have a bap date. So we'll see how they progress.

On top of all that, I've never felt the spirit so much in our lessons. Not only are we getting a lot of lessons, but they are all quality. I just feel like the spirit is constantly helping me to know what to say and what questions to ask and it's never flowed so easily as it has here. I think part of it may be because Sister Miner is struggling so much with tagalog so I have to do everything that the spirits just like, ok I gotta intervene here. haha, but it's been an amazing experience and a wonderful week.

I've also been really bold with people, and it's refreshing. I think if I could go back and change one thing on my mission it would be that I should have been more bold. I worry about offending people or them not liking me but here, now that I'm pretty comfortable in the language and the culture and my knowledge of the gospel, it's like boldness left and right. sometimes I surprise myself! But I love it cause I know that it's how Jesus Christ would teach. Bold, but loving.

Sister Miner is awesome cause she's so laid back and flexible if we need to change our schedule or whatever. She's also really excited about missionary work and has no fear. She has the best attitude which really helps me not be trunky. Her only problem right now is tagalog. She just teaches her part in english and i have to translate. She's at the level I was at in the Mtc and she's on her 4th transfer. So we're working on it. It seems like her trainer never did language study with
her or let her teach so she doesn't know much or understand how to form sentences.  But I love teaching her in language study and seeing her get it and be excited about it. We have a lot of fun together and she's really humble so that helps.

It's cool cause I haven't really felt an adjustment period here, it's like I just jumped in and everyone knew me already. I think it's cause I've been here on exchanges a couple times already.  Our only struggle is getting girls to work with us which we have to have if we want to teach boys. Yesterday we texted pretty much every woman in the branch
and about 3 said no and all the others never replied. so that's frustrating. But we're going to try to set up a set schedule with people on sunday. Pangarap is super hilly and I'm getting the workout of my life! 

Um, I've already been thinking about what I want for my homecoming dinner for like the past 5 months. and haha jk i don't really care as long as there is bacon bread and salad and is it allowed to have two desserts? like cream cheese brownies and strawberry cake? As far as the main dish...(demanding) maybe the zucchini, tomatoe, chicken casserole?? ya that sounds perfect.

I cannot WAIT to see you guys again. Thank you so much for all your prayers and support and always telling me you're proud of me. It really means a lot. I love you!!

Love, Age

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  1. Sister Garcia,
    I hope that you are doing well, I am thinking of you and hope you are doing well on your mission!!!! I am going to be in Austin for conf weekend, when do you come back to Austin? I hope to see you soon!!! Keep up the good work!!!!
    love Lauren Rollins