Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Only One More "P" Day!

September 22, 2013

I can't believe it. the time has just flown by and I never thought this day would actually come! I think I seriously thought I'd be on my mission for the rest of my life. it's so weird to picture it actually ending and me not being a missionary. But I guess it was hard to picture being on a mission before I left. Some days if I think about home, I can't wait! But other days I am so so sad to leave. Like yesterday was the best day ever! Our district became a stake and we had an amazing stake conference. And then afterwards we went out to work and taught this amazing lesson to 3 really interested investigators. It was just so cool to be able to explain everything to them so clearly and the spirit was so there and they were just realizing the truth right in front of our eyes. and THEN we went to a less active family that is returning and they are doing SO great! The mom gave us like 9 referrals last week and the dad wasn't going to go to the adult session of stake conference on sat cause he had work but a member invited him so he went and he told us how it was absolutely priceless and he wouldn't trade what he learned for anything in the world.

Elder Nielson from the area presidency spoke and he talked about the guy on the cruise that saved his money and stayed in his room and just watched everything from the window but then found out that all the food and dancing and stuff was actually included in his ticket. Brother was like, I totally related to that and just feel like I'm not taking advantage of all of the blessings that God wants to give me. I need to do better. He's amazing and his family is the cutest thing ever. I love them SO much! Every time we go they feed us and just treat us like their own kids. They are going to church every sunday and are just working on family scripture study, family prayer, and family home evening. It is just so refreshing to finally see people making sacrifices and being obedient because they have so much faith and just want to do what's right. I wish I had just an extra 1 month to just soak it all up. I feel like no matter how hard I try, the time is just slipping away and I'm not ready yet!

But when I think back on my whole mission, I've learned so much and it was a priceless experience. I wouldn't trade anything in the world for this because not only have I loved the people and the culture and teaching the gospel, but it's changed me and my perspective and basically my life. I think I've changed in ways that I didn't realize I needed to before the mission. But I'm super grateful and I'm going to miss it like crazy. Last week we got 15 new investigators. I've never had higher numbers than i have in this area and I don't think it's anything I'm doing. The miracles are seriously popping up left and right and it couldn't be better! '

Sister Miner is doing really good too. All of a sudden she gained this confidence and started teaching in tagalog and using all the words she knew and practicing constantly and now it's like we're a real companionship instead of just me doing all the talking. I don't know what happened and she's really surprised at herself too, but I think she knew a lot more than she thought she did. She was making sentences on her own and I was just so proud of her. It's the gift of tongues!

Today all the exiting missionaries were supposed to get our fingerprints taken in manila so we all had to get up super early and be at the mission home by 6:30 in the morning! We show up and go and it turns out the road to Manila is completely flooded. So we all had to go all the way back to the mission home and then now we're at the mall for the rest of our Pday. But tomorrow we have to go back at 2pm and it's basically gonna take all day. So sister miner will have to work with another sister for a while. It's such a pain but they said we can't go home if we don't do it. :/ I also had to get an x ray a couple of weeks ago to see if I had TB and got to see my lungs. That was cool. I'm TB free as far as I know. They used to have the missionaries stay at the mission home but now they don't. We are staying at a hotel instead and I'm super excited! It's going to be fun. Before that I think we are going to have a testimony meeting, interviews, and dinner at the mission home.

Only 1 more full pday and then the next one will be the day before I leave so I don't know if i'll get to email because I'll be packing and stuff. AHHHH!!! so crazy.

Love, Age

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