Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Getting "trunky"?

June 4, 2013

So I got my first "trunky letter". that's what they call it here when you are close to going home cause they send you letters about your flight plans. I'll be coming home October 9 and flying into the Austin airport most likely. Crazy huh? I can't believe it's only 4 months. It makes me both happy and sad to think about it. It's scary to think about what's going to happen after the mission and how I'll never be a full time missionary in the philippines again. But it's also super happy to think about seeing ya'll and hanging out with ya'll and going back to normal life again. I know I'll probably face a lot of trials but at least I'm a little more ready for them because of all the things I've learned here and still have to learn.

So the drama with the other missionaries has settled down, haven't heard anything lately. We did exchanges in Novaliches and I got to see Sister Baile again. She gave me a huge hug and then goes, "AW I missed your voice so much!" hehe, she's so sweet! She wrote me this cute note about how she learned so much from me and wants to apply it with her trainee. Ya. She's already a trainer! She just finished her training. It's happening more and more in the mission because so many sisters are coming in, so the new ones are having to be trainers right off the bat! They called Sister Winger (my mtc companion) and Sister Nunez to be the two other sister trainer leaders so now the mission is split up into two areas and we will do exchanges in the west route and they will be in the east. So that will make it a little easier for me and Sister Walker.

Things in our area are going really good. Transfer day is tomorrow but we aren't transferring. Sister Millamina won't be part of our companionship anymore. She is getting a new companion tomorrow, who is
American! yay! Sister millamina was like, oh great me and three americans in one house. haha but she will love it. I'm excited.

The work here is going great! We have a chapel tour coming up that our whole branch is really excited about and hopefully a lot of people will come. We had three investigators come to church on Sunday!! And I
couldn't believe my eyes because the fellowshipping was incredible. The entire branch came up and talked to them and the young women took the daughter to their class and they were exchanging numbers by the end of church. Usually I have to BEG people to just say hi to my investigators at church, but this branch is different and our investigators said they had such a great time and would continue coming to church. Last night we extended a baptismal date and they said yes. July 8 they are supposed to get baptized! I'm so excited. There is a mom and she has 5 kids. A while back we oym'ed one of her kids and then started teaching just the mom. But little by little we've taught the kids too and last night they were all really excited and ran to get their books of mormon. :) The dad died two years ago but last night we taught the plan of salvation and how they can be with their dad again and we talked about the temple and they were all just so intent on what we were saying and the oldest daughter especially cannot wait to get baptized. It's a golden family. I can't believe it.

Then we had another miracle happen yesterday when we were looking for a referral. Turns out the guy's oldest sister is a member but lives far away and they are subscribed to the Liahona and read it sometimes but don't really know much about the church. We started teaching them last night and they had so many questions! The one guy was like I don't think any religion is right cause they all fight with each other and God wouldn't want that. So I just pray to God and repent when I mess up. They have SO many questions and I think they are so ready for the gospel. They said we could come back on Sunday so I'm really excited for that.

Sister Walker and I seem to finally be working well together. At first it was rough and especially because we were going on exchanges and didn't spend a ton of time in our area or together. and then when we actually were in our area people weren't progressing and sister walker wanted to spend 4 hours in the house studying when i just wanted to go out and get work done. But this week I've really tried to be more patient and just study with her because I know Sister Walker really wants to. So our time outside has been cut very short but at the same time I think we are experiencing these blessings and miracles because of our obedience and because of our fast last sunday to find more investigators. I don't feel effective sitting inside studying all day but at the same time I realized that if I don't do that, yes we'll be outside longer, but our time won't be as effective because we're not doing everything we can to be ready. Our lessons were more powerful, and our investigators much more interested and ready. I guess I just needed to learn patience and humility for the 31059840590457984th time.

Well, let me know everything that is going on with ya'll! I miss you so much and am totally feeling the love!!!

Love, Age

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