Wednesday, June 26, 2013

No Electricity But Still Having Fun


So our electricity has been out for two days now! it's hard cause we can't cook or use our electric fans so it's been really hot and dark! But we got some candles and have been doing it 1800's style (they didn't have electricity back then right? i forgot everything) and last night sister oliphant was walking up the stairs holding a candle and was like, "i feel like belle right now from beauty and the beast." lol and then sister millamina shined our flashlight on our chandelier thingy and it made our whole house look like a disco room. So we had a dance party where i was the one dancing. because sister oliphant was the singer, sister millamina was the lights and sister walker was the audience (she didn't wanna dance!) of course i loved the attention and we were all laughing and having so much fun. All the branch members feel sorry for us for having no electricity but it hasn't been too bad! it's getting fixed right now though so that's good!

Anyway, we went on exchanges with the sisters in pangarap and there are 3 americans and 1 filipina. two of the americans are trainees and brand new! so that was fun! plus i got to see sister jones again which we always have a blast. i went with the trainees and i felt like i had really made a difference for them which made me so happy. sister miner
said that i had changed her whole perspective on missionary work and in the middle of our day together she was like, "are missions fun?"  I feel so bad for her because she's struggling so much and her trainer is filipina and they have a lot of language barriers but at the same time i can totally relate because i've been there!

I told her that she's lucky cause there are two other americans in the house who understand her. my first area was me and 3 filipinas! haha, But then sister chamberlain (sister jone's trainee) and i worked together and i found out her language study was not effective at all...she's been here for 7 weeks and still struggling making sentences so we went over that and then had SUCH a great day finding people and teaching. I have so much fun on exchanges because for some reason everything works out. we find, we teach effectively, and miracles ALWAYS happen! i don't know why it doesn't happen in our own area, but it always happens on exchanges and I love it. I think that the exchanges have been like a breath of fresh air. I love working with these new missionaries who are just so excited to be out here and it makes me feel like i can do anything and everything and there's no limit! Sometimes working with my companion can be really stressful and sometimes i really wish i could work alone or have a junior companion again. So ya, that's my struggle right now, but we're working things out and both trying to be more humble and focus on the people and trying to be more positive.

I have no idea how long i'll be the sister trainer leader but i'm guessing till the end of my mission...we'll see. i really like it, it's just hard for our area because we are gone two days out of the week. sister millamina went to the MRC to get her x ray today and i told her to pick up my package from Rudy and she was like, "ok no problem!" so hopefully it's still there!

Anyway, i want to hear all about your business and how much fun ya'll are having! send me some pics too if you get the chance! i miss ya'll!

Love, Age

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