Monday, June 10, 2013

Sharing her "talents"

June 10, 2013

           Thanks for the email, it was so good to hear from ya'll once again! Ya, it might be a while till I get that package cause the MTC is by the temple and I'm not sure when we're going there next, probably in
July. So we'll see, I really want to get it!  Thanks for checking up on that for me and everything!        It's only hard not to get trunky cause i live with two sisters that are so close to ending their missions. Sister Millamina is counting down the days and i swear every personal study just happens to be about eternal marriage or parenting. hahaha. we always end up talking about it and it's not good. but we are still working really hard and being really obedient so we're not really that trunky. The family that we're teaching is still doing great. They're supposed to get baptized on July 8 but they didn't go to church on Sunday even though they said they would. :( but everytime we teach them they listen so well and just get it. Yesterday we taught these people lesson one and they refused to pray about Joseph Smith saying that it wasn't right to ask God who was right and who wasn't because we should just respect other people's beliefs and stuff. We were like, ya, but if God knows everything and will answer your prayer, why NOT ask him? It was so frustrating cause i felt like we explained everything so clearly and they were still like, why do we need to believe in just one church? anyway, I guess they just aren't ready yet. They seemed like they really didn't want us to come back. :( All the Book of Mormons we give out are in Tagalog and the pamphlets too. Most people know some conversational english, but not like the deep religious language. so we hardly ever use english when we talk to people. The plan with my clothes...hmmm i will leave most of them here honestly. You would be embarrassed to see some of the things I wear because they are all faded with holes and pen stains, etc. Not good. But there might be a couple things that I'll bring home and everything is cheaper here so I'm planning on maybe buying a few cute things here before I come's just hard to find my size. lol. souvenirs...well i have an earring addiction. i have bought earrings in every area and a lot of really cool ones that I can't wear here cause they're too dangly. but i'm excited to wear them when I get home. There aren't a ton of fun things besides earrings that I would actually use when I get home...but it's nice to have an american companion cause I don't feel bad spending money on stuff other than groceries. are there any kind of souvenirs that you guys want? Anyway, everything else is going great. we are doing a little workshop on tuesday for our whole zone about multi-tasking which I'm really excited about. I think everyone could be so much more efficient and effective if they just knew how to multi-task better! Relief society was so funny yesterday cause it was about marriage and all the women were like standing up and commenting and it was getting really heated. They're all dropping their husbands names and stuff and this one lady was like, "I get so bored with my husband cause I start fights with him and he doesn't say anything back! I want a good fight! He just starts kneeling down and praying and then I'm left with all the guilt. I feel like a horrible person!" ahahaha! it was so funny and all the women were standing up and saying what they thought and I was cracking up! I realized how much I love these people and how I've just come to love their culture and language. They are so much fun and so passionate.      Another funny story is that every Sat we have dinner at the Patriarch's home and if there is a new person they make them do a talent. So back 7 weeks ago when it was my first time I flared my nostrils and they loved it. But this last week sister oliphant was new and it somehow turned into a whole talent show. so everyone was going around and sister oliphant twisted her tongue and sister walker did a basketball trick and debbie did some really good acting and sistermillamina sang and i was like oh man..what am i going to do? so sister walker's like "you're a really good belly dancer!" cause we had just been joking around the other night about dancing and I was practicing and so of course everyone is like, "ya! belly dance!" oh man i was so red and I had to do it cause they wouldn't stop teasing me so as soon as i stood up patriarch walks into the room. So ya. I belly danced. in front of a patriarch and his family. i probably should've been struck by lightning huh? lol so embarrassing and i was blushing, but you know me. crowd pleaser...anyway, it's been a great week and I have a feeling this transfer's going to be a great one. I miss you all so much and love you!                                                                                                                                                                                               Love, Age

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